Somebody's Sister
Somebody's Sister - Jill Stein and Ken Selcer
  1. Sing A Little Song 4:20
  2. Rocky Mt. Road 4:37
  3. Dreamin' of Heaven 4:44
  4. I Believe 5:27
  5. Guardians 5:20
  6. Powerful Love 5:14
  7. We All Rise 4:10
  8. Thing Junky 6:17
  9. Lookin' For Love 4:39
  10. Star Song 4:38
  11. Colors 4:55
  12. Trouble in Paradise 4:34
  13. Dangerous Woman 4:54

Produced by Ken Selcer & Jill Stein
with Additional Production Assistance by Huck Bennert
Vocal Production by Jeannie Deva,
Technical Wizardry (Engineering), & Mixed by Huck Bennert
Basic tracks of drum songs recorded at Prophet Sound, Stoughton, MA 1/95
Mostly everything else recorded at Selcer Sound, Cambridge, MA 2/95-6/95
Mixed at Wellspring Sound, Concord, MA 6/95
Graphic Design by Diane MenyukBlackCat Design
Photography by Debi Milligan
Arrangements by Jill Stein & Ken Selcer
Mastered by Jonathan Wyner at M Works, Cambridge, MA

Jill Stein Vocals, Acoustic guitars, Dimbuk on "Colors"
Vocal arrangement on "Powerful Love"
Ken Selcer
Vocals, Acoustic guitars, Percussion on "Guardians"
Seth Connelly
Larry Finn
Drums & Percussion
Chris Billias
Larry Jackson
Bass on "Sing A Little Song" &
"Dangerous Woman"
Billy Novick
Saxes & sax arrangement
Kenny White
Keys on "Dreamin' of Heaven" & "Powerful Love"
Lynne Saner
Backing vocals on "Powerful Love"
Maureen Murphy
Backing vocals on "Powerful Love"

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