Jill Stein, Ken Selcer and
The Kids' Earth Chorus

Cassette: Side A: Vocals
Side B: Instrumentals(or guide vocals)
  1. Under One Sky
  2. Take it Back
  3. Rainbow Around Me
  4. Sunshine Song
  5. Hello Chant
  6. 'Round & 'Round
  7. Bad Trash
All songs by Jill Stein, except Rainbow Around Me and
Under One Sky by
Ruth Pelham
Additional lyrics in Under One Sky
by Jill Stein.
Bad Trash: Lyrics by Jill Stein, music by John Kusiak
and Robert Van.

Produced by Jill Stein and Ken Selcer
Recorded at Selcer Sound in Cambridge, MA, Wellspring Sound
in Concord, MA between 1990 and 1996.
Engineered by Ken Selcer, Huck Bennert, Chris Billias,
Robert Van and John Kusiak on Bad Trash, and Jill Stein

Illustration by Shellie Brooks


Kids vocals: Rachel and Michael Cognata, Lucas Biewald,
Rebecca Sills,
Arielle Goldman, Ndidi, Enuma Menkiti,
Susanna and Sara Dilliplane, Jameela Pedicini
: vocals
Jill Stein: vocals, guitars, percussion, keys
Ken Selcer: vocals, guitars, percussion
Chris Billias: keyboards & production help
Larry Jackson: bass
John Kusiak and Robert Van: music on Bad Trash
Sheri Cole: vocals on Bad Trash
Carol Menkiti, Pat Dilliplane and Phoebe Barnes: vocals
Justin Tyme: rap on Bad Trash

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