Rise Above
Jill Stein with Ken Selcer
Out of Print
  1. Glory Ride 4:05
  2. Burning Blues 3:01
  3. How Many Times 2:59
  4. One Earth 5:36
  5. Dangerous Woman 3:13
  6. Same Music 5:15
  7. Rise Above 7:00

Words and Music by Jill Stein
Produced by Ken Selcer
Recorded at Soundworks Studio, Watertown, MA
Spring 1991- Fall 1991
Same Music and One Earth engineered by Brian Capouch
All other songs engineered by Ken Selcer
Photo: Bruce Petschek/Seven Generations


Jill Stein
: lead vocals, rhythm guitars
Ken Selcer: lead guitar, bass, vocals, shaker
Andy Holiner: synth on 'Rise Above' and 'How Many Times'
Lynn McKenna: keys and vocals on 'One Earth' and 'Same Music'
Steve Heck: piano on 'Burning Blues' and 'Dangerous Woman'
Russ Leach: percussion on 'Same Music'
Liz Hammill: harmonica on 'Burning Blues'

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