A Taste of Tranquility
by Rich Caloggerro

  1. Beltane Blues
  2. A Taste of Tranquility
  3. I Want Some
  4. Funky Thang
  5. Weird Elephants
  6. Inspiration
  7. Birthday Boogie
  8. Jazzicle
  9. Soucusse
  10. Snooze Alarm
  11. Slacker
  12. Dawgnation


Rich Caloggero plays all guitars, keyboards, percussion and digital drums.
Recorded 2003-2004 at Rich's house, Medford, MA

All songs R. Caloggerro, except Dawgnation, David Grisman

Artwork by Ken Selcer - kselcer@tiac.net
Photos by Seth Itzkan


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