Kids' Earth Chorus

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  1. Under One Sky
  2. Sunshine Song
  3. My 2 Hands Hold the Earth
  4. Take it Back
  5. Reaching For the Sky
  6. Family of Man
  7. My Roots Go Down
  8. One Earth
  9. Rainbow Warriors
  10. Rainbow 'Round Me

Engineered and Mixed by Ken Selcer
at Selcer Sound and Soundworks 3/90-11/90

Produced by Ken Selcer and Jill Stein
Illustration by Marcia Cooper


Ndidi Menkiti, Enuma Menkiti and Carol Menkiti, Susanna Dilliplane, Sara Dilliplane Pat Dilliplane, Jameela Pedicini, Phoebe Barnes: vocals
Jill Stein: vocals & acoustic guitars
Ken Selcer: acoustic guitars

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