Circuits to the Sun
Somebody's Sister - Jill Stein and Ken Selcer

Review of Circuits to the Sun by Robert Francos, 9/7/07:
Also co-led by the prolific Ken Selcer, along with Jill Stein, is the pop rock group SOMEBODY’S SISTER: "Circuits to the Sun" ( My question is, why can’t mainstream music sound more like this? While definitely pop music, it’s such a higher quality than just about anything one can hear on the top radio stations. It’s like SS refused to take the easy and dumbed-down route. The songs are catchy without being screechy (Clarkson), melodically all over the map (Aguilera), or just pretending to be on key (Spears). Plus Ken and Jill’s voices are so well suited for the sound that, in a more fair world, it would be SS on the charts, making listenable pop. Highlights include "Dancin’ Wild" (regular and extended mixes) and "Dirty Little Secrets". -- Robert Barry Francos
  1. Chance of a Lifetime 3:45
  2. Dancing Wild 4:08
  3. Guess 3:55
  4. Dirty Little Secrets 6:00
  5. Circuits to the Sun 5:15
  6. My Place 4:28
  7. Streets of Boston 4:09
  8. Trouble in Paradise 4:39
  9. American Dream 5:10
  10. When Will I See You 4:33
  11. Dancin' Wild (extended mix) 5:54

Produced by Paul Gonzalez, Ken Selcer, Jill Stein and Huck Bennert
Recorded at Jill's house, Lexington, MA 1/98-3/99
Recorded by Ken Selcer / Additional recording & editing by
Huck Bennert at Wellspring Sound, Concord, MA
Mixed by Huck Bennert at Wellspring Sound, Concord, MA
Mastered by Henk Kooistra at 9West Mastering, Marlborough, MA
Drum Loop on "American Dream" by Time+Space, England
Photography: Inside photo of Band/Paul on Traycard: Charan Devereaux
Jill, Ken and Tom on Traycard: Debi Milligan
Artwork: Black Cat StudioDiane Menyuk, Tracy Kane, Brighton, MA

Jill Stein
: vocals & acoustic guitars, vocal arrangements
Ken Selcer
: vocals, electric guitars, slide guitars,
and bass on "American Dream"
Paul Gonzalez
: drums, congas, and percussion
Tom Miller
: bass
Phil Bynoe
: bass on "Dancin' Wild"
Chris Billias
: hammond organ
Huck Bennert
: bass on "Chance of a Lifetime" and
"When Will I See You"