Touch the Sky Music is a grass roots music production company, started in 1990 by Jill Stein and Ken Selcer, whose purpose is to promote a safer, more harmonious planet. We look for and create music that fosters self-discovery, interpersonal growth, and community responsibility. We see music as a special key that unlocks the potential to grow in each of these dimensions. We consider such growth essential to the fulfillment of individual potential and to the survival of the planet in an era of escalating social injustice, extremes of wealth and poverty, and of desecration of natural resources. As a community based organization, we want to promote "thinking globally and singing locally." Our goal is to make available to others, the music we have looked long and hard to find and create for ourselves as parents and concerned members of our community. In doing so, we hope, ultimately, to make the world a safer place for ourselves, our children and the generations to come.

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